Ancona Street Art

The soul of Ancona that you would never have imagined, here is Ancona Street Art.

Some of the most popular street artists have used Ancona as their canvas, among these: Ozmo, RUN, M-City, Blast, yapwilli, Bregma, Urka, Roa, Camilla Felsini and Giò Pistone. 

Take a stroll around the city, and you’ll find exciting artwork where you least expect it, around a corner, tucked in a quiet alley, or a stone’s throw away from historic buildings.

This tour, created in collaboration with the associations Ancona Street Art and Ancona Crea will take you to the most Instagram-worthy spots in town. If you are looking for an itinerary even outside the city center, we recommend that you look at the updated map of Ancona Crea.

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