North Belvedere

The North Belvedere of Mount Conero is a natural window on the sea, framed by bright green bushes.

To reach it, leave your car in the parking lot in front of Mount Conero Hotel, head up the path that leads to the military base and then, once you’ve walked past it, simply follow the signs. There’s also an alternative and more challenging hike that leads up to the Belvedere.

South Belvedere

The hike to the South Belvedere is a magical journey through a dense wood, that ends with a fantastic view on the Due Sorelle Beach (Two Sisters Beach), named after the twin sea stack. From here you can hike to Passo del Lupo.

Roman Caves

Located beween Massignano and Poggio, these man-made caves were dug for centuries to quarry stone which was used to build the towns of Poggio, Massignano and some of the monuments and churches of Ancona, perhaps even the Cathedral of San Ciriaco.

Due to earthquakes and floods that collapsed the entrance, the quarry was eventually abandoned.

The caves are also called “Caves of the Slaves of the Mountain”: it is said that a slave revolt led to the capture and killing of the overseers, who were buried “deep into the bowels of the mountain”.

Rock Engravings

Mount Conero has been home to some cultures, as attested by rock engravings on a slab of stone.

The engravings consists of straight and circular channels, small pools and mysterious symbols that hint to the rituals that would take place here. Most likely, they were made to collect rainwater to be used for therapeutic purposes. In fact, in many ancient cultures, rainwater had healing properties.

To reach this area, just above Pian di Raggetti, follow path n. 1 uphill towards the top of Mount Conero, then follow the “Sculture Rupestri” sign: the engravings are just a few minutes away.

Pass of the Wolf

Passo del Lupo (Pass of the Wolf), located in Conero Park, offers a breathtaking view of green hills blending in harmony with white cliffs that plunge into the blue sea, in particular, the beaches of Due Sorelle, Sirolo and Numana.

To reach Passo del Lupo, drive up the paved road, until you reach a sign that says “Bar Panini Belvedere”; continue up the dirt road, then park your car and continue on foot.

You’ll find three forks: turn left at the first fork (where there is an end of road sign). Keep right at the second fork, then turn left. You’ll see a Conero Park sign marking the beginning of the path.

This is a child-friendly half-hour hike that will take you through arbutus and broom bushes and pine trees.

Pian di Raggetti

Pian di Raggetti features one of the most beautiful hiking paths on Mount Conero. Beginning in Poggio di Ancona, the path will lead you through strawberry trees, holm oaks and broom bushes.

On your journey you’ll enjoy spectacular views of the sea and the hills and fields below. You can also take a small – and worthwhile – detour uphill that will lead you to the site of the engravings.

Pian Grande

Pian Grande, a large esplanade where you can relax and enjoy a nice picnic, is one of Mount Conero’s most popular places.

Coming from the village of Poggio, the path that leads to Pian Grande is full of Mediterranean shrubs. About halfway there, you’ll have a beautiful view over Trave Beach. Then, after about an hour’s walk through a wooded path, you’ll reach Pian Grande. Enjoy the majestic view of the Bay of Portonovo!

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