Underground Ancona

Beneath the ground, Ancona is full of tunnels!

Exploring underground Ancona means traveling back in time, immersed in a mysterious atmosphere of silence and shadows.

This network of tunnels extends to more than 3 km. It stretches from Viale della Vittoria to the port, and branches off to Guasco Hill.

Tours are organized by the Ancona Sotterranea (Ancona Underground) Association, which proposes three thematic tours packages:
– Fontana del Calamo (Calamo Fountain) water tank: “mysterious water from the 13 spouts”
– Piazza Stamira Cisterns: “the secret water of Ancona”
– Underground tunnels of Viale della Vittoria: “the ancient aqueduct of the Orti plain”

If you are interested in the wonders of the underground we suggest you check out the website of the Ancona Sotterranea Association.

Guided tours will resume starting July 4, 2021.

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