Experience Ancona

We will take you to discover a special Ancona because it is lived, felt, loved with pride and sincerity.

According to a survey of locals, these are their favorite experiences, places and monuments in town.

Sunrise at the Passetto Beach

Sunrises and sunsets

You can’t miss the sunrise from Passetto Beach. Walk along the caves, and if you’re lucky, a grottarolo – one of the owners – will offer you an espresso.

Sunrise in Mezzavalle and Portonovo can be an intensely romantic experience.

Kayak lovers suggest launching at dawn and watching the sun rise while paddling along the coast.

How about sunsets? There’s a variety of locations that offer sweeping vistas, but one of the locals’ favorite spot is undoubtedly the Duomo (the Cathedral of San Ciriaco), which overlooks the city, the port and the sea, the other being Cardeto Park, after or before a leisurely stroll in the old town.

If you’d rather be closer to the sea, then you cannot miss the sunset from Portonovo or the Marina, while having an aperitivo.



Speaking of. Aperitivo by the sea is how locals relax. You can find seaside bars in many locations, in Portonovo, at the Marina, but also in Passetto, at the old port, at the Mole, or on boats.

Some locals like to take long walks and have an aperitivo after a bit of shopping.

Aperitif in Portonovo



Time to go for a walk! Discover Ancona at your own pace.

Walk by the Passetto Caves, from Piazza del Papa (Piazza del Plebiscito) to the Duomo (Cathedral of San Ciriaco) and immerse yourself in the past. Then explore Cardeto Park, the old town, the old port.


Old Port

Favorite places

The Grotte del Passetto, Fort Altavilla, Cardeto and Portonovo, which have a special place in the heart of the people of Ancona. They are very attached to their city and its beauties, which they enjoy rediscovering everyday.

Lose yourself in the alleys of Ancona, such as the Vicolo della Serpe that takes you from Lungomare Vanvitelli to Piazza San Francesco. Walk the streets and enjoy the views like the locals, sunbathe with them in Scalaccia Beach, where the people of Ancona also fish moscioli and carry on the traditions of this city proud of its heritage.

The Staircase of the Passetto and the Elevator



Naturally, the symbols of the city are among the local’s favorites: Trajan’s Arch, the Mole Vanvitelliana and the Cathedral of San Ciriaco.

But so are the War Memorial (Monumento ai Caduti), suspended between the sky and the sea and the Church of Santa Maria di Portonovo, a jewel of Romanesque architecture unique not only in Le Marche and Riviera del Conero, but in all of Italy: other examples of this style can be found only in Corsica and in Normandy.

Locals also recommend visiting the Art Gallery, the Archaeological Museum, the Omero Tactile Museum, as well as Santa Maria della Piazza, Palazzo degli Anziani and Loggia dei Mercanti.


Arch of Trajan

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