Rosso Conero

Rosso Conero is a DOC (Denominazione di Origine Controllata) wine produced in a small area on the slopes of Monte Conero, made with Montepulciano grape. Sometimes Sangiovese grapes are used to a maximum of 15%.

The wine is produced in the four municipalities of the Conero Riviera: Ancona, Camerano, Sirolo and Numana, as well as in three other municipalities nearby, Offagna and parts of Castelfidardo and Osimo.

Wine production in the Conero area is attested by ancient writers, such as Strabo, the famed Greek geographer and historian, who mentions the colony of Ankón and calls it “sfódra d’eyoinόs” – a producer of good and abundant wine.

Rosso Conero goes well with grilled meat, and, in fact, any hearty meal. If you haven’t had a glass of this powerful red wine, then you haven’t tasted the real Ancona!

Verdicchio Jesi

Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi is a DOC wine, produced in the provinces of Macerata and Ancona.

The hallmark of a good Verdicchio is its long and persistent aftertaste. Due to its high acidity and alcohol content, and its pH value comparable to red wines, Verdicchio has a higher aging potential than any other white wine in Italy. In order to fully appreciate the complexity of this fine wine, it should be aged 2/3 years.

Verdicchio is ideal for meals by the sea, or fish-based appetizers. For many in Ancona, it brings back warm memories of time spent in good company, while enjoying a beautiful sunset in Portonovo.

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