Are you in the port and have a few hours?

Here’s where to go. Itinerary between history and culture.

Remaining within the port area, continue towards the ancient port: you will find the wonderful Arch of Trajan.

Arch of Trajan

which was erected on the occasion of the departure of the Roman emperor for the war in Dacia in 115 AD, and the Clementine arch built by Vanvitelli between 1735 and 1738. From here you can turn around and get to the lift at the base of Palazzo Anziani in Piazza Dante. With this you can go up to Piazza Stracca and from here admire the church of the holy name of Jesus, whose facade is the work of Vanvitelli and Palazzo Anziani.

Church of the holy name of Jesus

You can continue along via Pizzecolli, once via maestra, the cardinal artery of ancient Ancona and arrive at the “Francesco Podesti” civic art gallery which houses numerous paintings of universal value for the history of Italian art and others of great interest for understanding painting in the Marches from the 14th to the 19th century.

Art Gallery

Continuing on via Pizzecolli you arrive in front of the Theater of the Muses and the entrance to the port.

Theater of the Muses F. Corelli

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